Growing Potential

Tina and Lashiah's Video Story

Tina was matched with LaShiah when she was in third grade. In the beginning, LaShiah was extremely shy and nervous around Tina. She didn’t want to get in the car and go do things.  Tina suggested that while they were off doing things that they texted LaShiah’s mom throughout the time they were gone, and that worked.  Gradually, LaShiah became more trusting of Tina and at ease when they were together.

Tina and LaShiah did lots of activities together. LaShiah especially loved going to Steak & Shake.  They attended BBBS Match Activities and participated in volunteer community service activities.

LaShiah wanted to introduce her teacher at school to Tina, so she began to meet LaShiah at school. She discovered that LaShiah needed help with reading and math, so Tina began working with her in a fun way to help her better understand math.  They would pretend that LaShiah was a waitress and she would practice taking orders off a “menu”, then would have to add up the bill and give it to Tina.  Gradually LaShiah began improving in her academic performance.

Tina has been patient in her match relationship and knew that it would take time to gain LaShiah’s trust and grow the potential that was within her.