Engagement opportunities BIG and SMALL

Big Brothers Big Sisters collaborates with hundreds of companies and organizations throughout our service area to develop fun and effective employee engagement opportunities.  There are countless studies that validate that employee service and volunteer initiatives generate great outcomes and benefits to the company/organization in employee satisfaction, productivity, and teamwork.

We would love the opportunity to work with your company or organization to create an engagement opportunity that meets your goals and objectives. 

A few examples of employee engagement projects we have facilitated include:

Donation Drive:
Support our school-based mentoring program by contributing toys, books, and craft supplies for Match Activity Boxes in over 32 partner schools.

Community Projects:
Participate in landscaping, cleanup, and painting projects at one of our three mentoring centers.

Bigs for a Day:
Spend quality time with waiting list littles by participating in group outings at area partner schools or special events like Putt A Round, River Bandits games, or the Annual Picnic.

Event Volunteering:
Lead a group or encourage individual employees to volunteer at various community events, including Plant Sale, Putt A Round, Over the Edge, Golf Tournament, Big Friendsgiving, and the Annual Picnic.

Career Navigator Program:
Host matches at your business to introduce them to different career opportunities and inspire them to achieve their goals by sharing your employees' career journeys.

Holiday Adoption Initiative:
Sponsor a little, a group of littles, or a family during the holiday season to spread joy and support those in need.

Committee Engagement:
Encourage employees to serve on committees within our organization, fostering networking, leadership development, and meaningful impact.

Education and Awareness:
Host our organization at a team meeting, management meeting, or arrange a lunch and learn session to educate your team about our mission and available opportunities.

Office Activities for a Cause:
Organize office activities, such as "Casual for a Cause" days, sponsor a match day, potluck gatherings, or other fun and social events that support our cause.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Kayla Kiesey at kkiesey@bbbs-mv.org or 563.323.8006.