You are not alone when you become Big Brother or Big Sister

Being a Big is being part of the team! 

You join a team committed to helping children achieve their potential!

No one can do it all.  With careers, families and other interests, being a Big is not intended to be an all-encompassing, overwhelming commitment that takes up all of your free time.  It IS a commitment, but one that can be incorporated into your lifestyle.  A Big in our program is a partner,  helping a child achieve success.  We work as a team to make sure we are doing our best to have fun, provide life-changing experiences and connect children to the resources they need to achieve their potential.   Below are just a few of the many resources and supports available to Bigs in our program. 

  • Match Coach:  Each Big Brother and Big Sister is assigned a match coach, who will maintain consistent contact with you throughout your time as a Big and provide great resources and guidance.
  • Match Team: Once you are matched, you become part of the match team which consists of you, the parent, the child, the match coach and the child’s teacher.  Together, we work to support the growth and development of the child through your match relationship. 
  • Bigs Night Out Events: Held quarterly, BNO events include food, prizes, great networking!  Bigs are also encouraged to bring spouses, friends and co-workers along to learn about the organization.
  • Match Events: held quarterly, these events bring together the Big and their families, the Little and their families, and the BBBS staff and board for a fun day of food, activities, and memories.  Events include: 1) Big/Little Night of Putt-A-Round, 2) Spring into Adventure, 3) Summer Picnic, and 4) Friendsgiving.    
  • Mentor Chats Events:  Held monthly, Mentor Chats are small casual social events for newer Bigs (matched within the year).  Mentor Chats allow for Bigs to talk about their match experience, share ideas, and network with the BBBS staff and other bigs.
  • Mentor ReCharge Events: Held throughout the year, ReCharge events are small casual social gatherings of Bigs matched over a year in our program.  These events allow for exchange of ideas between Bigs as well as helpful tools to recharge your match relationship.
  • Candid Conversations Training:  These zoom meetings are held throughout the year and intended to provide valueable insight and tools on how to support and communicate with your local, even on the tough topics!!
  • Bigs 411:  411 is a closed Facebook page that allows Bigs to share fun experiences and stories they have had with their littles.  Bigs and the organization also share information on upcoming community and organizational events.  
  • Bigs Only resources:  BBBS has a number of great community partnerships that can help grow your match experience including free Y, Putnam, Figge and Botanical Center memberships for you and your little.  We also have concert and sporting event tickets, summer camp scholarships, and HavLife grants that can give your little an opportunity to explore sports, art and/or music opportunities and interests.
  • Match Anniversary Event: upon your one-year anniversary with your Little, your match will have the opportunity to celebrate your relationship at our Match Anniversary Party.  This event includes gifts, pictures, goal setting, food, and much more!
  • Match Activities:  Monthly events and experiences for matches to explore and experience the community together.  Tailored to the age of the little, these opportunities are fun, engaging and memorable for both the big and little.  Examples include: 1) horseback riding, kayaking, bike riding, or hikes, 2) volunteer service at Toys for Tots, Riverbend Food Bank, Living Lands and Waters or others, 3) community scavenger hunts, cooking classes, River Bandit games and 4) career and higher education exploration opportunities, countless others.  Most all of our events are free to matches through community sponsorships.    



Each small investment of time contributes to who they will become