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Corporate and Employee engagement opportunities

Employee engagement programs

Employee volunteer programs (EVPs) have a significant impact on businesses and the community, but the impact on employees is far greater.

Studies indicate that organizations who engage employees actually outperform those who do not.

Why is that? The answer lies with the employees that are engaged in the program.

EVPs are not just effective in tackling community needs and addressing problems, but they are also advantageous to the workplaces where they exist. Successful EVPs have a direct effect on employees and business operations.

With more and more businesses operating with decentralized offices, workers working from their homes or on flexible schedules, EVPs can be an essential tool in strengthening workforce culture. Just look at the benefits for employees:

  • Increases employee performance, loyalty, morale, recruitment, retention and reduces absenteeism
  • Develops employee skills and competencies such as teamwork, communication, planning, project management, problem solving, budgeting and listening skills
  • Spurs innovation and creativity
  • Helps build community and cohesion inside the workforce
  • Provides leadership opportunities and improves employee relations
  • Helps motivate the workforce
  • Attributes to higher levels of life satisfaction, sense of control over life and feeling physically and emotionally healthier (UnitedHealthcare / VolunteerMatch Do Good Live Well Study. 2010)

And there’s more.

The Deloitte 2011 Volunteer IMPACT Survey found that more than one-third (37 percent) of those who frequently volunteer are more likely to be very satisfied with the progression of their career. These and other findings from the survey suggest a link between volunteerism and the quality of employee engagement as well as favorable employee perceptions of organizational culture.

With these benefits, EVPs are a huge win for businesses – strengthening communities and engaging employees all while increasing revenues and contributing to the bottom line.