It takes Little to be Big in a child’s eyes!  What better way to motivate and inspire a child than to visit them at school for a "power lunch"!  Big Brothers Big Sisters is partnering with area school districts to host community members at select elementary schools.

Send a strong message!  "Big for a Day" lunch hour events provide you and your team the opportunity to send a strong message to youth that the community supports and believes in their potential.  Volunteers will learn about our area schools, meet great kids and gain a greater understanding of how they can support youth initiatives like Big Brothers Big Sisters.

A POWER lunch!  Following a brief welcome by school administration and BBBS staff, you'll be introduced and paired with a student for the lunch/recess hour.  Volunteers are  provided lunch courtesy of BBBS. Staff facilitate a variety of icebreakers and  fun activities that allow you to get to know your student and have a great experience.  The Power Lunch lasts approximately 1.5 hours (total time commitment) and is in a group setting, with all volunteers and students in the same general area.

Make it a group thing!  Gather a group of employees/co-workers to participate!  Wear your company shirts. Bring some swag for your student or the group! 


Upcoming Big for a Day Events

Upcoming December Event

December 10th

Community Big for a Day- Big River Bowling, Davenport


January Event Dates/Locations

January 10th    North Scott School District- Ed White Elementary, Alan Shepard Elementary (tentative)

January 17th    Davenport School District- Harrison Elementary, Fillmore Elementary (tentative)



September- Rock Island/Milan School District  (Denkmann, Thomas Jefferson, The Academy, The Center for Math & Science)

October-  Davenport Community School District  (Truman, Jefferson, Wilson, McKinley)

                 Morrison School District (Southside)

November- Moline School District (Butterworth), East Moline School District (Wells)