Mentoring is a unique relationship that can transform a child’s life.

If you have a desire, we have the opportunity!!  

Program Platforms

Your life experience qualifies you to be a Big Brother, Big Sister or Big Couple in our organization.  BBBS programs are designed to engage adult volunteers in one-to-one mentoring relationships that are flexible to meet your lifestyle and yet structured to make a significant impact on the child.  The key is finding the right fit for you!

Community-based Mentoring

Basic Participation Information:
Age requirement of Volunteer: at least 18
Age requirement of Child: at least 6
Time commitment:  two to four in-person experiences a month
Match length expectation:  1 year minimum
Valid drivers license and proof of insurance

- The Community-based mentoring program is designed for children aged 6 to 16, extending through high school graduation.
- Littles in this program have the opportunity to explore and share experiences with their Bigs.
- Matches are encouraged to meet outside of school, although some matches also meet within the school setting.


- Volunteers, children, and parents undergo orientation and screening.
- Once a compatible match is made, the Big coordinates in-person meetings through the primary parent or guardian.
- Ideally, matches aim to spend at least two in-person meetings a month together.
- Flexibility is available to adjust meeting frequency over time due to schedules, demands, and activities.


- Matches in the Community-based program can engage in activities during evenings and weekends.
- BBBS has a broad network of partnerships that provide opportunities for matches to experience the community together. These partnerships include the YMCA, Figge Art Museum, Putnam Museum, and QC Botanical Center.
- BBBS organizes monthly no-cost activities and experiences that groups of matches can attend, such as kayaking, horseback riding, cooking classes, yoga in the park, self-defense, STEM activities, and more.
- The program also receives donations of tickets to sporting events, concerts, plays, and other cultural events.
- BBBS actively encourages community service projects, collaborating with local non-profits like Toys for Tots, Riverbend Food Bank, Living Lands and Waters, and many others.
- Matches are encouraged to provide ideas and suggestions for activities and experiences they'd like to do together, and BBBS staff work to make these experiences happen.


- Each Community-based match is supported by a professional match support specialist.
- The match support specialist remains involved from the time of the match until the match exits the program.
- The specialist maintains consistent monthly contact with the Big, parent, and child throughout the match, offering guidance and resources.


- BBBS also offers "couples matches" within this program, allowing an individual and their spouse/partner to be enrolled and matched together with a Little.


BBBSMV Community-based program sponsor:


School-based Mentoring

Basic Participation Information:
Age requirement of Volunteer: at least 18
Age requirement of Child: at least 6
Time commitment:  two to four in-person experiences a month
Valid drivers license and proof of insurance
Match length expectation:  1 year minimum


- The School-based platform is centered around mentoring relationships within the school setting.
- A volunteer is matched with a Little identified by school professionals as someone who would benefit academically and socially from a consistent adult mentor.
- The child and parent are enrolled through the BBBS model and prepared to actively support and participate in the mentoring relationship with an adult volunteer.


- Typically, interaction between the Big and Little takes place during the lunch/recess window within the school day.
- The Big contacts the school in the morning of their planned visit, and the school confirms the child's attendance and prepares for the visit.
- Schools provide designated areas within their buildings for matches to meet, enjoy lunch together, and spend quality time developing their relationship.
- Activities during a typical visit may include playing board games, using flashcards, working on homework, doing craft or art projects, reading books, or going out to recess.

Consistency and Flexibility:

- Bigs are encouraged to maintain consistency in their relationship, aiming for in-person contacts at least twice a month.
- The School-based program allows Bigs to choose the school and the preferred window within the school day that works best for them.
- Bigs have the flexibility to determine the schedule and frequency of their visits, which can be consistent weekly or flexible based on their work and travel schedules.
- BBBSMV has partnerships with nearly every school in the community, making it convenient to find a school close to work or home.
- Many volunteers engage co-workers or friends to join them in the program and visit the school together.
- The program can accommodate groups of volunteers within the same school and preferred time window.

Business and Organizational Partnerships:

- The School-based program is popular among business and organizational partners.
- Most partners welcome their employees' participation and often host recruitment and informational events during team meetings and other gatherings.

School-based Plus:

- Unique to this platform is the ability for matches to participate in select BBBS-sponsored events outside of school, such as Putt A Round, Holiday Party, Fall Festival, and other activities (referred to as School-based Plus).
- Participation in these opportunities is optional and not required.
- If the Big has an interest in expanding the relationship to meet consistently outside of school, transitioning to the Community-based program is seamless and convenient.


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