Empowering Potential

Brittney and Catrina's Video Story

Sometimes, two people can experience loss separately, then be brought together to create a very full life together.  Such is the story of Brittney and Catrina.  When they met, 8 year old Catrina was very timid and feeling the loss of her father in her life. She said she wanted a Big Sister so she didn’t have to do so many things alone.  When Big Sister, Brittney was a child, she learned to cope with loss as well – her parents had divorced and she experienced the death of a close uncle as well.  

BBBS brought these two together and the sparks just flew!  Catrina loved animals and so did Brittney. They signed up for Match Activities at horse ranches, farms and volunteer service opportunities at the Humane Society.  Brittney connected Catrina and her parents with resources that would allow Catrina to take riding lessons and go to Camp Shalom.  And, when a close friend of Catrina’s moved away, Brittney taught Catrina the basics of how to make new friends.  Catrina formed a Friendship Club at school helping girls in here school make new friends.  

Brittney has helped empower the potential that was inside of Catrina.  By visiting with a child just 2-3 times a month, you can inspire a child to become all they can be.