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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley
Quad Cities Mentoring Center
Serving: Scott, Rock Island, Henry and Mercer counties
130 W 5th Street
Davenport, IA 52801
Phone: 563.323.8006 
Fax: 563.333.2494
McDonough County Mentoring Center
Serving: McDonough, Warren and Henderson counties
1407B East Wheeler Street
Macomb, IL 61455 
Phone: 309.837.5437
Fax: 309.836.8665
Whiteside County Mentoring Center
Serving: Whiteside and Lee counties
506 W. 4th Street, Suite 27
Sterling, IL 61081
Phone: 815.716.8987
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Alexandra Sweeney
Development Coordinator
563.323.8006 ext. 230

Amy Barth
Director of Finance, Benefits & Operations 
563.323.8006 ext. 202
Beth Clark
Director of Development & Marketing 
563/323/8006 ext. 201 

Danielle Vance
Director- Whiteside County


Hadley Karrick
Lead Enrollment Specialist
563.323.8006 Ext. 223

Shelby Newberry
City of Davenport AmeriCorps Manager


Jaime Keller
Senior Director of Elementary Program Services
563.323.8006 ext 204 

Jay Justin
President and CEO
563.323.8006 ext 203

Jo Winegar
former Vice President of Administration (Retired!!!) and all around GREAT person!!!

Katie Zick
Lead Elementary Program Specialist 
563.323.8006 ext 215
Kayla Kiesey
Director of Events and Community Partnerships
563-323-8006 Ext. 208

Kim Aboyure
Senior Director of Mentoring Services and Outcomes
563.323.8006 ext 209
Lindsay Mercer
Lead Middle/High School Program Specialist
563.323.8006 ext 214
Peter Tarantola
Director- McDonough & Warren counties 
Sarah Walker
Senior Director of Enrollment and Community Partnerships
563.323.8006 ext 206

AmeriCorps and VISTA Service Members

BBBS enjoys a strong partnership with the Corporate for National and Community Service (CNCS). BBBS hosts both AmeriCorps through the City of Davenport grant and VISTA service members through Western Illinois University in Macomb. 

The following AmeriCorps and VISTA Service members have completed at least their BA degrees in social service, education, or counseling (many Masters and other Advanced Degrees) and are providing BBBS and our community with the generous donation of their time and talents.  All members have completed program certification through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and are supervised by the tenured BBBSMV employee. 

All serve for a nominal living allocation and education award after completing one year of service.  We couldn't serve our communities without them!  Thank you!

Allison Berns
AmeriCorps Service Member- Customer Relations Specialist
563.323.8006. Ex. 226
Amanda Wike
AmeriCorps Service Member- Customer Relations Specialist (Whiteside County)

Brittnie Phillips
AmeriCorps Service Member- Elementary Program Specialist
563.323.8006 ext. 225 

Jaide Gassmann
AmeriCorps Service Member- Elementary Program Specialist
563.323.8006 ext 213

Jaimi Nelson
AmeriCorps Service Member- Elementary Program Specialist
563.323.8006 ext. 222

JoAnna Islam
AmeriCorps Service Member- Middle/High School Program Specialist
563.323.8006 ext. 200

 Karina Mendez
AmeriCorps Service Member- Elementary Program Specialist
563.323.8006 ext. 227

Laura Williams
AmeriCorps Service Member- Middle/High School Specialist
563.323.8006 ext 212

Mallory White
AmeriCorps Vista Service Member- McDonough/Warren Counties

Meghan Flynn
AmeriCorps Service Member- Customer Relations Specialist
563.323.8006 ext 218

Sarah Latimer
AmeriCorps Service Member- Elementary Program Specialist
563.323.8006 ext. 222

Sonni Ward
AmeriCorps Service Member- Middle/High School Program Specialist
563-323-8006 ext. 216
Tajia Robinson
AmeriCorps Service Member- Elementary Program Specialist
563.323.8006 ext. 205

Taylor Beitzel
AmeriCorps Service Member- Enrollment Specialist
563.323.8006 ext 211

AmeriCorps Service members completing their BBBSMV service contracts:

Class of 2017
  • Jessica Elliott ('17)
  • Holly Anthony ('17)
  • Amy Guerrero ('17)   
  • Kim Littell ('17)
  • Nicole Spears ('17)
  • Nicole Cruz ('17)
  • Simone Collins ('17)
  • Emilee Droegmiller ('17)
Past Members:
  • Bre Sykes ('16)
  • Felicia Lindsey ('16)
  • Karen Koslick ('16) 
  • Kayla Babers ('16)
  • Lindsey Mercer ('16)
  • Rayna Narvaez ('16)
  • Shae Estes ('16)
  • Tania Duex ('16)
  • Ally Hunter ('15)
  • Amy Komadino ('15)
  • Heather Kaminsen ('15)
  • Jenn Ivy ('15)
  • Katelyn Konvicka ('15)
  • Laura Harmon ('15)
  • Leslie Beert ('15)
  • Kiara Moton ('15)
  • Heidi Scheffler ('14)
  • Jeannie Weber ('14)
  • Jessica Seier ('14) 
  • Elizabeth Sierra ('14)
  • Jaymie Schuldt ('14)
  • Megan Hasselroth ('14)
  • Amy Kuboushek ('14)
  • Heather Place ('13)
  • Meredith Price ('13)
  • Kelly Anthony ('13)
  • Jodi Anderson ('12)
  • Catherine Fisher ('12)
  • Ashley Smrica ('12)
  • Becca Leathers ('12)
  • Kayla Glenn ('11)
  • Shannon Farley ('11)
  • Katie Kott ('11)
  • Christine Abbott ('11)
  • Katie Grace Lundell ('12)
  • Virginia Olsen ('11)
Thank you for your service to BBBSMV, our schools and communties.  We will miss you all and best of luck in your future endeavors!

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