Planting seeds today is more important than ever!

BBBS Plant Sale is going Mobile!  Lets make it happen for area kids!!!

Plant Sale is going mobile! Due to the corona virus response, it is extremely difficult to determine a definitive date for the retail sales component of our event.  So we're adapting!  Welcome- Mobile Plant Sale!!    The Plant Sale raises over $200,000 to support our one-to-one mentoring programs.  Now more than ever, kids need a trusted friend engaged in their life!

Mobile Plant Sale will allow you to select varieties and colors from our online catalog, confirm your order through online payment AND select one of two options- 1) picking up your order through our "drive thru" or 2) delivered directly to your home or business!  Delivery service is available regardless of order size but is limited to Scott, Rock Island and McDonough counties.

THERE'S MORE!!! Tribute Baskets-  When you order online, you will have the opportunity to dedicate a beautiful hanging basket to a first responder, health professional or senior in our community. Each basket will have a special message of encouragement and appreciation and delivered directly by the BBBS team!!!  That's right- you can give a gift to those most vulnerable in our community or to those who put our health and safety ahead of their own!

You can help make this happen!  Get creative- gather your neighbors to place a group online order delivered to your court or street. Send emails and text messages or call your friends and co-workers to encourage them to get involved. Let's mobilize the community to help Big Brothers Big Sisters continue this 30 year tradition! Can our kids count on YOU? 

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: With stay at home orders running through April 30th, we are planning our mobile plant sale for May 6-10th.  However, local health recommendations may move it back a week.  We will provide all customers with updates on the schedule for pick-up and delivery.  BBBS has not yet determined if the retail portion of the event will be held.  A decision will be made and communicated closer to our target date.  We follow local health officials recommendations.  Again, deliveries will be limited to residences and businesses within Scott, Rock Island and McDonough counties.  



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How does Pre-ordering work?

Pre-ordering is a process of selecting and purchasing your flowers online or through mail order.  Individuals, groups, businesses and organizations can pre-select and pay for their flowers through our online shopping cart or our hard copy order form.  Once an order has been submitted and payment is received, it will be prepared and available for pick-up or delivery.  Currently, pick-up and delivery is planned for May 6-8th.  We have a number of individuals who order for their home, or get a group of neighbors, family or co-workers for a group order.  Many business/organizations order for their flowerbeds, planters or offices.  Golf courses, senior centers, bank branches, churches and senior centers are all examples of orders we receive annually.  We are competitively priced offering a wide selection coupled with the convenience of pick up or delivery!  The FREE DELIVERY OPTION is available for ANY PRE-ORDER.

Is pre-ordering right for you?

Right now, pre-ordering is the only option available to support the Big Brothers Big Sisters Plant Sale.  Due to the coronoa virus, we are only offering pre-order options at this time.  We are not planning a pick-up or retail option in Rock Island this year, but will have a pic-up site in Davenport and Macomb.  The final decision to offer retail purchases will be made closer to our delivery date of May 5th.  That depends.

The pre-order process:

1) For most annuals, you can only pre-order full or half flats of the same flower color and variety. For example: if you want white impatiens, you can order a half or full flat of this color and variety through the pre-order process.

2) You can't order LESS than a half flat of a variety/color.

3) You CAN order individual hanging baskets and Geraniums. Waves are available by the six pack and full flat.  Note: Color choices for hanging baskets may be specified and we will make every attempt to fulfill your request.  However, color is not guaranteed because we are reliant on our grower to provide available colors and quantities. 

4) Only paid pre-orders will be filled.  We accept cash, check, credit and debit.

5) You can "combine" other orders (family, friends, co-workers) to create a group order for pick-up or delivery.

To group order:  each individual participating in a group order needs to complete an individual order form by using the PDF form on this page OR through the online ordering process.  Please determine your "group name" and communicate that name to each person participating so we can coordinate the order.  Space is provided on the PDF form and online checkout to indicate the "group" you are affiliated with.  Payment must be included with all individual orders to be included in the group order.  

6) Pre-ordering either through mail or online enters you into the Heritage Landscape Helping Hands Give Away!  One lucky winner will receive a $500 gift certificate for design or labor services or products from Heritage!

7) Pre-ordering secures the quantity and selection you need before we open to the general public.  Pre-orders are the first to be pulled and set aside for pick-up and delivery!   

Call or email (563) 323-8006 to request printed order forms or use the link above. 


Types of Pre-Orders

Individual, business and group orders can be made through our online system.

Individual Ordering:  Two ways to participate- using our online order system or downloading and completing our individual order form

Group Orders:  you can organize a group of individual orders at your office or with your family or neighbors.  We have delivered to businesses, schools, and neighhoods!!  Each participant completes an individual order form either online or mail-in. Please make sure the individuals with your group indicate the group name with their order.  Please indicate delivery or pick-up.

Corporate Orders:  Companies and organizations can place on-line orders through our shopping cart.  If you have interest in expanded variety items, you can elect to download our corporate order form above and complete a mail-in order. 


Pick-up or Delivery?

All pre-orders will be prepared at our Davenport and Macomb location on May 5th.   You have the option of selecting which method you would like to receive your flowers.  You have two options- pick up at our site through a drive thru process, or direct delivery to your home/business.  social distancing will be used in both methods to ensure the safety and well being of the customer and volunteer.  

Pick-up dates are: Davenport 5/6-5/8, and Macomb 5/7-5/8

Pre-Order Purchase Options

Mail-In:  Complete the order form, include payment (check or credit card) and mail by April 20th to:

Big Brothers Big Sisters
130 W. 5th Street
Davenport, Iowa 52801

Online Orders:  Click here to begin your online order.

2020 Retail and Pick-Up Locations

Davenport: May 1-10th, NW Bank Tower, Welcome Way & Kimberly, 100 E. Kimberly Road (8AM-7PM)
Rock Island: April 30- May 4th, American Bank & Trust, 3730 18th Avenue (8AM-7PM) NEW LOCATION
Macomb: May 6-9th, Fortress Bank, 500 E. Jackson Street (8AM-7PM)  NEW LOCATION

 Checks, cash, debit/credit cards accepted!!!