Driving Potential

Victoria and Shermiya's video story

Before Victoria was matched to Shermiya, it was difficult for Shermiya to sustain a friendship with anyone.  Something happened in her life that caused her difficulty in trusting people.  Then Shermiya’s mom reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters to see if getting matched to a Big Sister might help Shermiya out.

Shermiya’s mom will tell you that both she and Shermiya were blessed when BBBS brought Victoria into their lives. Shermiya’s mom and Victoria became partners in bringing out the potential that they both knew was in Shermiya.  Victoria focused on being patient with Shermiya and always positive.

Shermiya was struggling a bit in her math classes. Victoria’s mother was a retired math teacher so she put her together with Shermiya for some tutoring  and it made all the difference in the world. Shermiya not only began to excel in math, but she also began to make friends at school and get involved in sports like cross country running and basketball. Victoria knew that at times transporting Shermiya to her sports activities could be very trying for her mom, so Victoria would pick up Shermiya and her mom and together they’d go to these matches or games.

Victoria took advantage of HAVlife grants through BBBS that enabled Shermiya to try new activities.  They also participated in many BBBS staffed activities and events.

Victoria and Shermiya made friendship bracelets together. Shermiya asked, “How long will we be friends?”  Victoria said, “as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters until you are 18, and then after that, forever.”  It’s plain to see the impact the Victoria has had on Shermiya’s life. Victoria is driving the potential that has always been inside Shermiya.