A young man is one mentor away from being a success story!

Boys to men- guides for the important years

Through our Real Men Mentor recruitment initiative, we engage adult men in one-to-one mentoring relationships with young men in our community.  Our Boys to Men activities seek to provide experiences and opportunities for young men ages 12 through 18 in our one-to-one mentoring program.

Bots to Men activities have three important elements- 1) engaging a broader network of successful males to share their stories and offer support, 2) unique opportunities for self-reflection and exploration that can be used as a guide for the match, 3) alot of fun!!

Boys to Men activities are held at different locations throughout the Quad Cities area.  Activities include both developmental and social experiences ranging from visiting area workplaces and exploring careers, self-help workshops in the use of tools, and team building and exercise explorations.    

Pillars of the Boys to Men series

We have receive feedback from current matches as well as collaborate community partners to organize and host Boys to Men experiences. 

While individual experiences and exploration are what is seen on the surface of the match experience, the long-time goal of Boys to Men is instill four important pillars are to help young men navigate a complex world.  These pillars include:

  • Relationships Matter

  • Dream Big

  • Decisions that matter- the power of choices

  • A World of Opportunity- building locks to life and career success

Mentors serve as a support system for the mentees and use the various experiences to have deeper discussions that chart their life decisions.   The experience result in a number of opportunities to help the mentee build assets, a stronger network and motivation to achieve success.


How Do I Become Involved?

The first step is to complete the above inquiry form.  A member of our team will reach out to you to answer any questions you might have and explain how the process works.

Volunteering for this initiative requires a commitment to: 1) complete the enrollment and orientation process, 2) maintain consistent contact with your mentee for 12 months, and 3) prioritize the scheduling of your match time around the Boys to Men activities.

  1. Enrollment/orientation process- BBBS facilitates the enrollment and orientation process.  Through this process, you will gain a deeper understanding of your role as a mentor in the program.  The process covers boundaries, expectations, communication, and tools to be effective with your mentee.  You will gain an understanding of how and why you are matched with a particular child and how to maintain effective communication with them and their parent/guardian.
  2. Attend the Boys to Men Activities- Mu Chi Lambda Chapter members and their community network assist with the planning and hosting of many of the Boys to Men experiences throughout the year.  It will be a great opportunity to learn more about your mentee through the interactive experiences.  Each "match" will also be is assigned a Mentor Coach by BBBS, who helps navigate the logistics and development of the match  and provides support and resources to grow the relationship.
  3. Continuation of the match- your participation in various Boys to Men activities will provide great insight into your mentees hopes and dreams.  Through the small group and independent activities, you will gain insight into areas of interest and possibly resource challenges that might be hindering their success.  Together we will best position the mentee for academic, social and economic success.  In addition, the partnership will coordinate activities and experiences for the group of and individual matches throughout their time together.

I thought it was me against the world...then one day I realized...it's just me against me.  --Kendrick Lamar


Q: Can a current match attend Boys to Men activities?

A.  Yes, this experience is intended for current matches as well as providing a framework for new matches to develop a routine and expand their new relationship. 

Q.  Am I matched with the same young person throughout the experience.

A: Yes, the volunteer is "matched" with the young person for a 12 month commitment.  

Q: Is there a cost to the volunteer to participate?

A: No, there is no cost to enroll or participate in this program.  All Boys to Men experiences are expected to be free and include food.  However, mentors are known to spend money on other activities they do with their Little, such as food or tickets.  BBBS will provide no cost or low cost activities and experiences throughout your time matched.  BBBS also has special funding in place to assist mentees with the costs associated with pursuing an area of interest, such as:  sports teams and equipment, music lessons and equipment and memberships and classes for art and theater interests.  

Q: How will my young person be selected if I am a new mentor?  

A:  The volunteer, young person and parent/guardian complete an enrollment process that allows the organization to understand each participant and their goals and preferences in a match.  The professional staff provide a match profile and recommendation to the volunteer and parent/guardian for review.  The staff provide details of the potential match and answer questions that might arise.  If the volunteer, young person, parent/guardian are comfortable with the recommendation, a introduction of the match will be made and information on upcoming Boys to Men activities will be shared. 

Q:  How much time will this require?

A:  The enrollment and orientation process takes between 2-3 hours.  You schedule this part of the process for a time that is convenient for you.  We do offer day, evening and weekend options.  Once matched, you are expected to maintain consistent contact with your little on a monthly basis.  Contacts should include at least 2 in-person activities a month.  The activities can be attending the Boys to Men activities, other BBBS sponsored activities, or activities on your own.  It is recommended that you plan 2-4 hours for each activity.    

Q:  Am I expected to attend all Boys to Men activities with my mentee?

A:  Yes- if you attend a Boys to Men activity, it must be with your little.  You are NOT expected to attend ALL Boys to Men offerings as part of your commitment as a mentor.  

Q: What am I expected to do with my mentee in addition to the Boys to Men activities?

A: The activities are intended to assist the match in building a trusting relationship and hopefully ideas and goals they can do together after the series concluded.  The important thing is to be present for your little when you're together.  It isn't so much about the time as it is about what happens and the conversations, support and lessons learned during your time together.  We encourage you to think about your everyday routines, interests and hobbies and how can you incorporate your mentee into these interests.  You also have a deeper knowledge of your mentee from the Boys to Men activities and together can determine other activities and experiences together. 

BBBS and Alpha Phi Alpha plan to provide numerous resources and gathering activities that you can use and attend.  Examples are free memberships to area Ys, RIFAC, Putnam and QC Botanical Center for you and your mentee, free tickets to sporting events and concerts throughout the year, planned workplace and career exploration opportunities for small groups, and social gatherings. 

Q:  How active is the parent/guardian in the match process?

A:  The parent/guardian is very active in the process.  They complete an enrollment and orientation process that helps set the expectations for their role in the relationship.  They are expected to be open and honest with the mentor and Match Coach throughout the match, be accessible and work constructively with the mentor and match coach to facilitate consistent time for the mentor/mentee to spend, and also provide updates on the mentees home and school performance and emerging concerns and opportunities.