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Get your QC Dining Tour book today and take your little on a tour of eateries and destinations in the Quad Cities!!  $25 per book!!!

The 2017-18 QC Dining Tour books are ready for purchase!!  These coupon books are a great tool for Bigs looking to expand the world for a little without breaking the bank!  QC Dining Tour books offer over 350 coupons to over 150 restuarants and destinations in the Quad Cities area.

Bigs have used this as a tool to grow their relationship with their little and have fun at the same time.  Here are a few examples:

"We use the Dining Tour book to learn about the world.  Each month, we look through the book and pick of a location that specializes in a specific ethnic food.  We go there, try the food and talk about that country or region.  We keep track of each we've tried and rate them, with the goal of trying a new place each time."

"The Dining Tour book is a great tool!!  I can get my little out to places they have never been before.  We work on proper manors and communication (interacting with the wait staff, proper conversation with guests).  It's fun to help make them build their confidence and help them feel comfortable in any setting they aren't used to." 

"The Dining Tour is a great bargain!!  For $25 I get so many coupons that I wont use all of them.  I use it for my match which the cost for the entire book is what I would spend on one meal with my little!" 


What businesses are included in the Dining Tour Book?  

Click the link below to view the participating resturants and destinations in the QCA. 


How do I buy one?

Click the register button above, or this link.  You will have two options- 1) purchase the book and pick it up at the BBBS office, 2) purchase the book and for an additional $2.50 have it mailed to your home.   

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