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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley's (BBBSMV) effort to transform itself into a comprehensive K-12 mentoring platform that drives academic, social and economic success in vulnerable youth has received special recognition on the national level.

BBBSMV was recognized as a Gold Standard Affiliate by Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for performance during the 2016 program year.  The designation places the local affiliate in the top 16 out of more than 300 member affiliates in the United States.

"This is a significant achievement for us and one that we are very proud to accept on behalf of our staff, volunteers, children, schools, community partners and investors," stated Jay Justin, President & CEO of BBBSMV. "Our focus is always on impacting vulnerable children/young adults long-term and to be recognized nationally is validation that our efforts as a community is setting the standard nationwide." 

"As an organization, we have committed ourselves to trying to be the best of the best, but a key ingredient of that is having a clear understanding of what we are trying to be the best at" Justin continues, "Through ongoing efforts to drive performance, we have transformed and expanded our programming offerings to be relevant and impactful throughout a child's academic and social journey toward graduation, careers and adulthood. This recognition validates our efforts and says our community network, programming and outcomes are one of the best in the country."

Outstanding Performance

Each affiliate of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America provides real time performance data in all facets of the mentoring process. This data is used on a national level to determine trends and performance, but it is also used to provide continuous improvement as well as benchmark information. The criteria for the Gold Standard includes key metric areas including: Total children served and growth in numbers served, annual match retention rates, match closure rates, safety and quality metrics, and revenue growth.

BBBSMV exceeded the standard in all areas, and far exceeded the standards in retention rates and safety/quality metrics. "Those are the areas we are most proud of," stated Justin, "because those are the ones that tell you, you are really making a long-term difference and changing children's lives," stated Justin.

"These 16 affiliates have demonstrated the highest standards and performance in all strategic priority areas within our network," stated Pam Iorio, President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. "They have exhibited through their performance, community collaboration and commitment to high standards and processes, what mentoring can really achieve."

Pam Iorio, President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America presenting the Gold Standard Certificate to BBBSMV staff members Jaime Keller and Amy Barth at the national conference in San Diego, CA on July 20th.

National Leader

A major part of the local affiliates success has been the evolution of its programming.  "We understand that children change over time and for a mentoring relationship to sustain, our approach to supporting that relationship must change be relevant," stated Kim Aboyure, Senior Director of Mentoring Services.  "As we succeeded in maintaining longer term relationships, it also showed us how as an organization we can engage the broader community in guiding and inspiring these children to achieve success."  "The creation of our MAPS enhancements at the elementary level and our COMPASS enhancements at the middle and high school level has transformed our organization and has driven our outcome success." stated Justin.

The MAPS and COMPASS enhancements are themes around major academic, social and economic milestones the organization hopes the child will achieve during the match.  "It's a roadmap we have tried to create to guide the matches on their journey together," states Jaime Keller, Senior Director of Elementary Programming.  "Through shared experiences and awareness of new opportunities and resources in our community, the child grows in confidence and achievement."  The organization engages various organizations and businesses in the community who provide access, resources and encouragement to the child through coordinated match activities.   

In addition to the creation of MAPS and COMPASS enhancements,  the local affiliate has been an active participant and leader in driving the continuous improvement and advancement of mentoring practices. A few examples of this leadership include: 1) being one of the first affiliates in the country to launch the Agency Information Management System (considered the standard in data performance and demographic tracking in youth development), 2) participating as one of 10 pilot agencies in the US to launch the Youth Outcome Survey (a youth measurement tool that gages the impact of mentoring on youth attitudes and perspectives), 3) was one of the first affiliates in the US to launch a comprehensive middle and high school mentoring platform that focuses on graduation attainment, career awareness and college/career readiness.

The latest initiative the local affiliate is undertaking with national interest in the Bigs in Blue program. BBBSMV expects to launch a new partnership with local law enforcement that will engage officers as mentors to area children as well as develop opportunities and programming that will improve the relationships between law enforcement and vulnerable children in our community. "Mentoring is about helping children see the world through a new set of glasses," stated Sarah Walker, Senior Director of Enrollment and Community Partnership, "This new partnership and initiative will add another important resource in the child's toolbox, the ability to develop healthy and positive relationships with resources in the community that are there to help them achieve their dreams and goals."

Achieving Outcomes- Building the future workforce and leaders 

BBBSMV just completed their annual Performance Outcome Evaluation (POE) which showed strong outcomes from their mentoring program. Developed by United Way of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Search Institute, and administered by the Mississippi Bend Area Education Association, the POE is an annual evaluation of behavior of mentored children completed by the child's primary teacher. The POE assesses performance, behaviors and attitudes of children through the assessment of their primary teacher. The full summary report can be found by click here.

"Over the course of the past ten years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley has firmly planted themselves as a resource for young adults to build their foundation for workplace and career success," states John Riches, Community Relations Manager at Arconic in Bettendorf, Iowa.  "The relationships they create, coupled with the community partnerships and resources they bring into the relationship is a great formula for success."  

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