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Big Idea Workshop

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Fun Is Good    

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) = EE (Employee Engagement)


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Registration: 8:00-8:30 a.m. (Continental breakfast)

Workshop: 8:30—12:00 p.m.

Rhythm City Casino Resort- Davenport, Iowa


1-6 seats              Company listing in program             $150 each
7-13 seats            Company listing in program             $135 each
14-27 seats          Company listing in program             $125 each
28-55 seats          Sponsor package                             $115 each  (listing in program, book for each attendee, logo on screen)
56+                       Sponsor package                             $90 each (listing in program , book for each attendee, logo on scree, social media) 

To discuss group ticketing and sponsorship options, contact Kayla Kiesey or Beth Clark

Attend this interactive communications workshop!

When employees are committed, have fun and enjoy themselves, they perform to their optimal potential.
  • 21% higher productivity.
  • 22% higher profitability.
  • 48% fewer safety incidents.
  • 10% higher customer satisfaction metrics.
  • 37% lower employee absenteeism.
  • 20% increase in employee performance overall.
SOURCE: Corporate Leadership Council Study: Driving Performance and Retention Through Employee Engagement.
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Who should attend?

Anyone committed to improving their organization.  Human resource professionals, managers, team leaders, senior management, strategic planners, performance drive employees, supervisors. 

What will you take away from this event?  
  • How to control, express your emotions, and handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.
  • How to communicate more effectively within your company or to customers and clients.
  • How to tap into your passion and joy and put it to good use in your personal and professional life
  • Create a fun, creative, innovative workplace where every employee is valued for their contribution
  • How to keep and attract great employees who are passionate about work, Company, customers/clients, and co-workers.

 About  Fun Is Good:

While Fun Is Good started as a book telling stories of the successes and failures that Mike Veeck experienced in his many years as a Marketing, Sales & Promotions guru, it has morphed into a very cool consulting company.

Fun Is Good Employee Engagement Consulting is comprised of a team of experienced business leaders in Customer Care, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Promotions, Communications, Training and Employee Development. They share the proven Fun Is Good philosophy with organizations by illustrating how a fun, creative and passionate work environment leads to an innovative and engaged workforce. This is done through a series of customized keynote addresses, seminars and training sessions.

Why We Do What We Do:

We’re passionate about helping organizations develop and sustain a positive, fun and creative culture for employees and customers alike.

How We Do What We Do:

We believe that when employees are allowed to work within their personal strengths and passions, they are more creative, more productive and more collaborative. When this happens, we know they’ll enjoy what they do and actually have fun in the process – resulting in greater customer satisfaction and success for their organization.

We help groups of all sizes build an engaging and collaborative culture. We do this through inspiring, fun and actionable keynote speeches, seminars and training sessions delivered by our nationally recognized speakers.


 MIKE VEECK, founder of Fun Is Good, is a nationally renowned speaker, entrepreneur, college professor, marketing, promotions and customer care expert and owner of multiple minor-league baseball teams including the St. Paul Saints. Mike believes anything is possible and that passion drives performance! With this passion for FUN, it’s no surprise his business partners include Bill Murray and Jimmy Buffet. Mike is an author of several books in addition to “Fun Is Good” and has been a frequent guest on national radio and television including NBC Nightly News, 60 Minutes and ESPN and many other media outlets.

 FRAN ZEULI, is recognized as a highly versatile, innovative, performance-driven senior leader. Fran has a successful record of exceeding sales, customer care and employee satisfaction goals in multiple, large organizations. He has designed and implemented successful employee loyalty programs that have significantly reduced turnover. Fran believes that FUN is a critical part of the workplace and as Co-Founder of Fun Is Good, he shares this positive message of success, through entertaining keynotes and workshops with companies across the country.

 DR. EMILY STUCKENBRUCK is a nationally recognized college professor and dean of students specializing in effective cross-generational, cross-cultural and interpersonal communications and behavior. Emily received her PhD in Communication Studies from the University of NC, Chapel Hill. Emily is now a Dean at Nicolet College and leads the Communication Program. She loves how the Fun Is Good partners put data behind their Fun Is Good philosophy. She believes that joy inspires people to be their “engaged best” and when people are at their best, they produce exceptional results!


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