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The Quad Cities offers many exciting opportunities for young adults interested in the areas of sports, music or arts.

Do you remember trying something for the first time-  maybe it was an instrument or hitting a softball, or painting your first picture.  Kids go through many experiences and "trail and errors" before they find out what they are really good at or passionate about. 

Unfortunately, many activities in the music, sports or art area are often just too expensive for many households, especially those with a limited budget.  This is where our community loses the potential in our kids!

BBBS has partnered with the HAVlife Foundation to ensure that any Little who wants to be involved in an extra-curricular activity has the ability to do so. 

The HAVlife Foundation exists to help bridge the financial gap and eliminate “lost potential” in students by providing funds for various activities in athletics, music and arts.  Big Brothers Big Sisters partnered with HavLife over four years ago to use our mentoring programs and HavLife funding to direction vulnerable kids toward positive and developmental opportunities in the areas of art, music and sports.

2014 Report

2015 Report  

Need ideas?    BBBS maintains a list of available activities that might interest your Little.  A match may also have identified an area of interest for the Little.   Here are a few examples:

  • Purchase an instrument
  • Instrument lessons
  • Music organization membership
  • Vocal lessons
  • Music Camp/Rock Camp/Vocal Camp
  • Theater or Acting classes
  • Art- drawing, pottery, painting classes
  • Art materials
  • Sports equipment
  • Sport Camp- football, volleyball, baseball, soccer, track

Questions?      Contact your match coach to learn more and to begin the short application process.

Click below for application files:

Havlife flyer

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