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Big Impact Event Winners


BBBS Celebrates Potential of Children!!


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The Big Impact Event is our annual celebration of mentoring!  There are hundreds of stories each year of successful mentoring relationships within our organization.  At this event, we spotlight a few mentors who have done extraordinary things in their match.  These individuals (matches) are presented a Big Impact Award. 

Big Impact Award nomination process:

Individuals are first nominated by their Match Support Coach and notified directly. If the Big elects to proceed with the process, they submit a brief summary of their match experience to their match coach. The nominations and match summary are then presented by the match coach to a group of community volunteers, board members and program staff. 

While all of the submittals are worthy of recognition, we are limited to selecting one from each program category.  Each selection will have their match story told via video and presented at the Big Impact Event.  It you are not selected for the award, your story will still be shared and recognized at the Big Impact Event and through our social media program.   

We would like to thank all of our Bigs for their tireless effort to help children in our community. Your dedication and commitment to our organization, the integrity of our program model and the children you mentor is inspiring!

If you are interested in being considered for this award this program year, please contact your match coach.   

2016-17 Big Impact Award Winners!! (click on photo to view their video story)


Rookie Match of the Year 	       Elementary Match of the Year        	    Middle School Match of the Year  
Sloane Hugaert and Emma           Jackie Zachmeyer and Harmony                     Mary Thee and Cyrus

High School Match of the Year	High School Match of the Year	    Big Impact- Match of the Year
Adrianna Vargas and Skyelynne	    Julie Landwehr and Renee		Jim & Polly Brownson and Brandin

Iowa Excellence in Mentoring Award 
   Rose Strickland and Anabelle 

Big Impact Community Awards
                   UnityPoint Health - Trinity
Tom Hannah-Big Impact Service Awards
         Matt Howard					Joe Farrell

Outstanding Match Nominees
Seth Benevides and Sean		Sam Bryant and Gavin		Stephanie DeLacy and Kamorah
Jesyka Dereta and Eli			Holly Loussaert and Lila		Jeff Nelson and Jeffrey
Bryan Payton and Aaron		Kristen Pruis and Robert		Sarah Sanner and Phriedum
Rita Slusser and Aryiana		Holly Smith and Lena			Sherry Staub and Virginia

Past Winners and Nominees:

2015-16 Big Impact Honorees 


Rookie Match of the Year        Elementary Match of the Year      Middle Match of the Year

Katie & Alyssa                           Eric & Ayden                                    Stephany & Akasha

Their Video                               Their Video                                      Their Video 


High School Match of the Year    McDonough Match of the Year     Match of the Year

Marlene & Josie                               Janet & Brianna                              Aaron & Ethan

Their Video                            Their Video                            Their Video


Companies of the Year

    The Bechtel Trusts 

Tom Hannah Service Award Winner


Bonnie Sparks Gray

Her Tribute Video

2015-16 Match Honor Roll:

Dan Arickx & Kamren                   Tony Goldsmith & Tukker                  Shane Hoffman & Deon 

Julie Losey & Brianne                   Jada Mathison & Alexia                      Katie Merritt & Shadae              

Claudia Sauer & Autumn               Megan Schoff & Sequoia                    Jackie Zachmeyer & Harmony   


2014-15 Big Impact Honorees

Click here to view photo gallary of event 


Rookie Match of the Year               Elementary Match of the Year

John McDermott and Kelvin                  Kevin Friedenbach and Drew           

Their Story                                          Their Story



Elementary Match of the Year           Middle School Match of the Year

Natalie Nieman and Alexis                     Rose Strickland and Anabelle

Their Story                                           Their Story


High School Match of the Year           McDonough County Match of the Year

Ellen Kabot-Lensch and Camry               Patricia Walton and Kacie  

Their Story                                     Their Story



Match of the Year

Jeff Bank and Elijah

Their Story


Companies of the Year



Tom Hannah Service Award Winner

Teresa Anderson


2014-15 Match Honor Roll:                          

Stephany Brimeyer & Akasha         Jim & Polly Brownson & Brandin          Aaron Gunnare & Ethan                                      

John Hageman & Alex                     Ashley Hendon & Angel                        Miranda Kindred & Consuela                              

Cecilia O"Brien and Tejana             Nat Smith and Austin                           Bonnie Sparks-Gray and Hannah                                            

Sherry Staub and Virginia              Carrie Vornkahl and Rhylee               Joseph Wonio and Aevion



Community-Based Match of the Year:  Harry Coin & David

Community-Based Match of the Year- McDonough County: Kelly Jameson

Community-Based Match of the Year- Whiteside County: Gloria Grant

Community-Based Volunteer of the Year:  Yvonne Lyons

Community-Based Volunteer of the Year: Kelley DeBaene

School-Based Volunteer of the Year:  Mary Thee

Community-Based Volunteer of the Year:  John Howes

Tom Hannah Service Award Winner:  Jo Ellen Winegar


Match Honor Roll:

Julie Bauman   Jeff Belvel   Jessi Black   Ryan Brant   Susan Bowman   Beth Cook  

Chelsea Guerin   Beth & Charles Heston   Doug Hultquist   Ellen Kabat Lensch  

Jill Larkin   Chris McCormich Pries   Kevin Wellman   John Schlader   Nat Smith  

Claudia Sauer   Patricia Pyle  Susan Moore   John Menard   Dennis Mellgren


2013-14 Big Impact Match Story Booklet.  Click here to view of Award Booklet complete with match stories.



School-Based Big Impact Volunteer   Claudia Neumann 
Community-Based Big Impact Volunteer    Jay Nelson 
Big Impact Volunteer- Career Navigator    Katie Schamberger 
Big Impact Volunteer- Whiteside County   Kari Horack 
Match of the Year- Michael Carton and Christopher
Tom Hannah Service Award - John Leinart
Big Impact Companies of the year

Republic Companies, MidAmerican Energy, City of Davenport   


Match Honor Roll:

 Allen Campbell   Andrew McCalley   Connie Mangler   Cystal Cutkomp  

Gerri Garrison   Gloria Grant   Henry Plude   Jill Larkin   Joe Morales  

Joel Purcell   John Campbell   Julie Keith   Kathy Kilmer   Mary Jagers  

Nancy Lane   Rose Strickland   Scott Hoyle   Sherri Evans   Sonya Hensley  

Stephanie Hoyt   Susan Moore   Yolanda Hall

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