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This is a new page for our organization!  There is a lot going on within our organization and we want to capture as many of the great stories and images as we can.    We will begin posting brief summaries including photos and comments from matches soon.  If you have photos or comments to share, please forward to Jaime Keller at

2015 BBBSMV Annual Picnic

A beautiful day greeted more than 300 bigs, littles, family members and staff at Veteran's Memorial Park in Bettendorf.  The 2015 Picnic was filled with fun games and activities, a magician, a Harley ride stop, and great food!  The event also included the announcement of our winners of the 100 Days 100 Bigs campaign.  Click here to view photos from the event!

2015 Camp Shalom

Another beautiful day greeted 100 bigs, littles and staff at Camp Shalom!  This wonderful partnership is in its third year!  The Camp Shalom bus picks up matches at the BBBS office early on a Saturday morning.  The bus and small caravan journey the 45 minutes to arrive at Camp Shalom, a faith-based camp located in rural Jackson County, near Maquoketa Caves State Park. 

There is something special about going to camp!  The cabins, food, friendships, and experiences are all memories remembered for a lifetime.  Big Brothers Big Sisters is proud to partner with Camp Shalom to will build lasting memories for our matches.

Camp Shalom is a Christ-centered outdoor ministry; a time and place that inspires people of all ages to live peacefully in the Spirit.  The youth and families that enjoy Camp Shalom come from a variety of denominations and backgrounds.  Camp Shalom includes woodland trails, high and low challenge course initiatives, archery targets, a soccer field, canoeing on the Maquoketa River, and campfire circles.

The Camp Shalom staff, lead by Tom Bley (Executive Director) greeted us with open arms and coordinated a wonderful day of memories.  It is always a day our organization looks forward to and we are so thankful to Camp Shalom for opening their camp to us!  For more information on Camp Shalom, visit:  Click here to view the photo gallary.


Major General O'Connell Hosts BBBS at Army Sustainment Command


ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Illinois -- Maj. Gen. Kevin O'Connell, commanding general, U.S. Army Sustainment Command, and other RIA employees, met with teens and their mentors in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS) program, here, June, 30.

The event was designed to help the teens understand what it takes to have a military or civilian career on the arsenal. "Today is an incredible opportunity for our kids," said Jay Justin, CEO and president of BBBS in the Quad-Cities area. "We always talk about how there are decisions you make every day that are positive and negative on your future, and what they see today is just endless opportunities, a roadmap for success in their lives."

BBBS is a national organization that pairs 6- to 18-year-olds (Littles) with volunteer adult mentors (Bigs). The Littles who visited the arsenal were between the ages of 12 - 17.   Following introductions, Randl Besse, business development specialist at RIA's Joint Munitions and Technology Center, spoke about JMTC's role as the Army's only from-scratch medal parts manufacturer. He encouraged the Littles to do well in math if they want to work as engineers with JMTC.

The Littles and their Bigs explored a military ambulance, which had been manufactured on the arsenal. After a group photo, O'Connell spoke about his path in becoming an Army major general, how he went through Army ROTC in college, and how he decided to stay in to support his family.

O'Connell advised the Littles to follow what he called his "four B's": be yourself, be going somewhere, be positive, and be kindly towards others. He told the Littles not to limit their options, and to work hard in school.  "What I am going to do is make sure that your options are all open to you, and that you're not limiting your options prematurely," O'Connell said. "At my age, I can't say 'I think I'm going to play in the major leagues and be a pitcher."

"Keep your options open, but have a goal," he later said.  Click here to view the photo gallary of this event. 

STEM- Science Activity

Matches tried to be Albert Einstein at the first ever BBBS Science Camp.  The largest growing job market in the US in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Match.  Our littles learned that they have a real interest and passion in these areas through their energetic participation in five science lab activities.  Click here to see our young scientists in action! 

Soccer Camp for Bigs and Littles

World Cup fever has hit Big Brothers Big Sisters!  A group of matches attended a special soccer activity to learn abou the rules of the sport and try their "feet" at playing the game.  Matches were shown drills, basics of passing, shooting and defense, as well as a freindly game of Big vs. Littles.  We won't tell you who won!  Click here to visit the gallary! 

Matches get up close look at the Joint Munitions Sustainment Command on RI Arsenal

Did you know that the Joint Muniitions Sustainment Command provides munitions to all branches of the US Armed Forces?  Did you know that a 2 star General is called at Brigidear General?  These facts and alot more were revealed recently for a group of matches that were fortunate enough to meet the two leaders of the command housed on the Rock Island Arsenal.  Rickey Peer, BBBS Board Member and Big Brother faciliated a unique opportunity for matches involving middle and high school youth the four hour visit to the command.  Participants learned about the history of the Rock Island Arsenal (it was once a enternment camp for conferederate solders during the Civil War) and the various ranks and branches within the US armed forces, career opportunities (both military and civilian) as well as the opportunity to meet and question the two highest ranking members of the command. 

Click here to view a photo gallary of their visit. 


Littles Participate in Kaplan College Art Event

Easter Bunnies made from cottom balls, paper plates, and construction paper was just one of many creative submissions from Littles in the Kaplan College Art Exhibit.  Littles young and older submitted their artful creations that were on display at the college on April 8th and 9th.  Many of the submissions were created during match time at schools or on weekends, with the help of thier Bigs.   Click here to view the exhibit.   

Living Lands & Water Service Project

Matches, BBBS staff and AmeriCorps Service Members were in full force helping Living Lands and Waters with their goal of planting 1 million trees.  The BBBS group participated in a community wide tree sapling wrap party at the QCCA Expo Center in Rock Island.  The event was filled with fun and hard work!  Thank you all for helping with this great community project!!! 

Click here to view the photo gallary of the event.


Matches Take Part in "Top Chef" - BBBS Style!!!!! 

Sixteen Community-Based matches recently participated in the first ever Big Brothers Big Sister Top Chef activity, and had a blast! Matches were teamed together and given the task of preparing dishes based on certain categories, including “Kid-Friendly”, “American dish”, “Italian dish”, and “Dessert”.  After stopping at the grocery store to pick up supplies, the teams headed over to Legacy Church for a fun afternoon in the kitchen. Everyone was involved in the process, from choosing a recipe to cutting up vegetables, boiling noodles, and making Rice Krispy Treats! The result was a beautiful display of great food and fun had by all! Matches hope that this will become an annual event!  






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