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Big Brothers Big Sisters is proud to partner with Unity Point Health - Trinity to offer this fun and fact-filled wellness guide. The most important part of being a mentor is modeling positive and healthy behavior. Children learn the most from observing the actions of others - particularly those they respect and trust the most.

The Healthy Kids Guide provides an opportunity for “Bigs” to help their “Littles” embrace a healthy lifestyle by actively engaging them in the outlined practices of nutrition, fitness, hygiene, first aid and safety.

The Healthy Kids Guide can best be used one or two pages at a time. Incorporate nutrition activities when you are planning to meet your “Little” for a meal or when you are planning to make a meal together. Look at theTop Ten Ways to Be Fit and Have Fun page when planning to get together for some fun activities. Use the safety or first aid tips at a time when you can sit down and discuss them together.

The more you incorporate these fun ways to stay healthy and safe in the everyday things you do with your “Little”, the more likely your “Little” will begin practicing and using these things in their daily lives.

Please click here to view the wellness guide.

You can also access the guide by click the following link:

Have fun! 

Thank you for being a special influence to a child in our community!  


Healthy Kids Guide Topics 

  •    Healthy Kids—Eat Right!
  •    Get Active!
  •    Cover Your Cough
  •    Safety—Know What To Do

NOTE-  Also visit the Coaches Corner section of Bigs Only for healthy living stories.  UnityPoint-Trinity provides a monthly health story for our matches!


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