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Be a Big Brother—give a Little something backYou have a big opportunity in front of you—to not only impact a child’s life today, but to transform their potential for tomorrow.


Becoming a Big was always a thought I had in the back of my mind...

I finally took that first step of learning more and I have had fun ever since!

If you have ever thought about becoming a Big Brother or Sister, now is a perfect opportunity to learn more about this rewarding volunteer experience.  By completing the inquiry link, you are not committing to become a mentor.  Instead, you are connecting with us to learn about our mentoring process- what it's like to be a Big and get your questions answered.  Following the inquiry, you will have the opportunity to begin the enrollment process which will lead to becoming a Big!

I get as much if not more out of the experience than my Little...

It's rewarding to see him grow and succeed in the things he takes on!

Being a Big Brother or Sister is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Not to mention fun! You have the opportunity to meet great people, experience fun activities, visit exciting and interesting places, and help shape a child’s future for the better by empowering them to achieve.



Now is the time to take that BIG step to find more!  Think about all the fun experiences you can share with a child and the wonderful relationship that will grow over time.  The reasons to become involved and the benefits and rewards are clear. 

BUT...you begin to think about the details.        

      I'm worried about the time commitment...I don't want to let a child down. 
      How do you identify the child I'm matched with?
      How does the match relationship work?
      Do I need to plan extravegent activities and experiences all the time?  
      What backgrounds do these children come from? 
      How involved is the parent in the process? 
      Will I become a "parent figure"? 
      Am I too old for be a Big? 
      What if the Little doesn't like me? 
      Will I become a bank machine for my Little and their family?
      What if I get myself into an uncomfortable situation with the child or family? 
These are things you think about but don't really know the answers too.  The questions soon become the reason you don't pursue the volunteer opportunity.  Get your questions answered by completing an inquiry today! 


Becoming a Big is a personal decision and we have over 30 years of working with thousands of volunteers in our community to help them have a great and rewarding experience as a Big.    
On a given day, we may have as many as 150 children ready to be matched.  This is the highest number of children we will ever have ready to be matched at one time.  In order to meet the demand in our community, we need rely on adults stepping forward to become Bigs.  While we recruit adults throughout the year, we initiate 100 Days 100 Bigs as one BIG awareness campaign to draw attention to our organization and impact. 
Our organization supports over 600 active matches, with one-to-one coaching resources, monthly group match activities, Big networking events, and countless opportunities in the community for matches to develop and grow their relationship. 
Current mentors will be talking to friends, family and co-workers about their experiences.  We will be seeking out opportunities to talk with small and large groups and how volunteers are matched and supported as mentors.  No group is off limits- whether it's a management/department group, service club, prayer group or church committee, we are happy to visit and provide a very brief overview of our mission and how volunteers are introduced to the role of Big Brother or Sister. 
For a few hours, a couple times a month, you can give a Little the invaluable gift of your friendship. By simply changing their perspective of what the world can offer, you can literally start changing their lives. And sometimes it’s as simple as playing video games, going to a museum, or just hanging out together. If you do it right now, you will give a current match a wonderful gift!


A call to service!

But don’t just take it from us. Check out some Real Life Stories of Bigs & Littles right here. And if you still have questions, head over to our Big Brother FAQs for more answers.
Ready to inquire about becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister? Just fill out online inquiry form.
Please provide your contact information and the name of the individual or source connected to your inquiry (media, existing Big).


After you complete the online inquiry, an Enrollment Specialist will contact you to discuss our mentoring platforms in more detail and answer any questions you might have about the process.
If you elect to proceed with the enrollment process, you will be asked to participate or agree to the following:
  • provide references
  • participate in an in-person interview
  • go through a background check 
Note-  there is a one-time fee paid by volunteers to partially offset the cost of the background check.  
For more information about being a Big, please contact Sarah Walker at swalker@bbbs-mv.org or 563.323.8006.


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