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They had to pass through security and provide identification.  Once through the initial check point, they passed a cemetery, a display of tanks and large cannons and guns.  They passed large buildings with military flags and people in uniform walking on the sidewalk.  They arrived at one of the large buildings and were greeted by two gentlemen dressed professionally and displaying badges.  They were led to the sixth floor and into a large conference room.  Once in the room, they noticed that there were briefing books and name tents with their names on them.  The United States flag was in the corner, along with the flags of the Department of Defense, and each military branch.

This was not the topical environment a middle or high school student was familiar with.  Fifteen littles and their bigs were visiting the Joint Munitions Command (JMC) on the Rock Island Arsenal!  They were greeted by a number of professionals who introduced themselves and their official job titles.  They were escorted to their seats at the main conference table and were treated to a brief overview of the function of the JMC.  "We serve the active military all over the globe...with tools to deliver lethal force and safety to all US personnel."  The presenter passed around samples of various mines and explosive devices that are distributed and coordinated by the JMC to active military installations all over the globe.  


During the presentation, a uniformed Army official entered the room and announces the arrival of Brigadier General Richard B. Dix, Command Sergeant Major Walton Jones and Deputy to the Commander Melanie Johnson.  The room stands at attention as the three entered the room.  The leaders head directly for the students, introducing themselves, greeting them with a handshake and a smile.

The experience of a lifetime was about to begin!       

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