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The HavLife Foundation has renewed their partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters to prevent lost potential with a $12,500 grant for the 2017 program year!  The grant award will be formally announced at HavLife's annual Martini Shake Off Fundraiser in February. 

For the past four years, BBBS has partnered with the HavLife Foundation to offer "mini grants" to Littles participating in our one-to-one mentoring programs.  The grants are "restricted" to activies and experiences that focus on the arts, music and/or athletic opportunities.  Children/young adults between the ages of 10 and 15 are eligible for a grant. 

Over $30,000 has been awarded by HavLife/BBBS Mini Grant program.  This represents over 325 grants, with an average grant amount of $85.00.

The Mini Grant program encourages Littles, their parent and mentors apply for funding through submitting a grant request.  The request must outline the activity, the cost, and their goals/expectations from the experience.  Once awarded, BBBS issues payment directly to the organization providing the service or equipment.  The Little is required to complete a commitment pledge, attend all required activities and provide a report to the organization on their experience. 

Pictured:  Jay Justin-BBBS, Marshall Porter- BBBS/HavLife Board member, Shannon Adams- HavLife Board Chair/Big Sister, Kimberly Guy- HavLife Board member, and Jaime Keller- BBBS 


Grants have been awarded for a variety of experiences including-  sport team registration and equipment, music lessons and equipment, theater classes, tumbling/gymnastics, and a variety of summer skill-type camps. 

"The partnership with HavLife has been invaluable to our organization and has controbuted to the growth in the quality of our mentoring relationships," commented Jay Justin, President and CEO. "We have worked collaboratively with HavLife to create a unique structure that provides access to experiences and opportunities that many vulenrable children in our community can't access."

Jaime Keller, Senior Director of Programming for BBBS explains, "the process also keeps them accountible to follow through with their commitment, even if they have difficulty."  She continues,  "Participating in extra curricular activities is a proven way to improve academic and social development.  Overcoming obsticles and competing is part of the process- overcominging challenges and coming out the other side stronger and more determined because of the experience." 

Justin concludes, "the mini grant program empowers the Big to have real conversations with their Little about goals and aspirations.  Because they know, the grant program is there to help them take action.  It's just a wonderful partnership that reaches those most vulnerable in our community!"

For more information on the HavLife grant program, please click here

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