Hello World

Every entrepreneur worth their salt knows how important content is.

If you’re not on the first two pages of a Google search, your company doesn’t exist. You’re dead in the water. Content is critical to getting favorably crawled and ranked by Google, so most entrepreneurs will load up their website with as much content as they can, most of it generic and keyword-stuffed.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Generic content can kill your company, and shady practices like keyword-stuffing are highly frowned upon by Google. You will get caught and penalized. Content might be king, but not all copy deserves the royal treatment, and if you’re peddling the same tired, unoriginal and sloppily written stuff as everyone else, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Think of the three e’s: engaging, entertaining and educational.you’re reading a piece that has a ton of keyword stuffing.


Do Instead: Strategic Keyword Placement

You should definitely be using keywords and key phrases in your copy. Part of an effective content strategy is identifying what you can reasonably be found for, and infusing your content with these words, so Google can find and reward you. Employ a professional writer who can blend in these keywords seamlessly and your reader won’t be any more the wiser. You’ll get an SEO boost and be producing solid content. Win-win.